Crocodile và Unicorn Đi Chơi

By parents and children of Cherry Crescent Preschool

In 2023 ViệtSpeak initiated a special book-making project at Cherry Crescent Preschool, Braybrook. The project culminated in a published book that follows two friends, Crocodile Unicorn, and the worlds they encounter. These creations developed from a series of workshops facilitated by Kids’ Own Publishing with parents and children at the preschool. The gatherings were an opportunity for the group to talk, listen and draw together. Sitting around the table, the old and new friends shared stories of language pride and shame, identity and transformation, and explored what it means to have, lose, hold onto, learn and pass on language and culture.

Creation and research process

Researchers Julie Choi and Liz Murray outline the six-week workshops and discussions that contributed to the book-making. For information about the creation and research process, including photo galleries, click below.

Storytime Reading

Cecilia Le, a parent and co-author of Crocodile và Unicorn Đi Chơi, presents a reading of the book. With special appearance by Jubilee performing a translation of the word menu.

Book co-authored by parents and children of Cherry Crescent Preschool

Thi Phuong Thanh Nguyen, Mira Lien, Anh Dang
Jono Aidney, Emma Haslip, Stanley Aidney
Kim Nhung Do, Logan De Vincentis, Evan De Vincenti
Lyn Tran
Tran Ngo, Simon Norriss, Jack Norriss, Hugh Norriss
Cecilia Le, Hamilton Le, Jubilee Le
Teejay Bui-Mata’afa, Jaxx Mata’afa, Maddox Mata’afa
Duyen Ky Nguyen

Special thanks to Dianne Ferrel and the Cherry Crescent Team

For facilitation and research credits please visit here.